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Re-Shooting The Shop Scene

It is a reality of doing illustrations with photos that scenes need to be retaken from time to time (generally several times. Each.) Sometimes I haven’t left room for text, sometimes we want to add something extra in, sometimes the lighting was wrong. Given this fact, you’d probably assume I have a brilliant storage system.

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Welcome to my blog

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was 5 and first read Roger Red Hat at school. Here I am, many (many) years later with my ambition finally in sight. On the 5th December my first book, Stampy the Wizard and the Lost Wand, will be released as an interactive story app. Yay! Hand-in-hand

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What the Readers Say

It’s the first story to capture his attention for that long and he managed to complete all of the jig saw puzzles by himself. He was incredibly proud!


( mother )

“This is awesome! Why haven’t you read this to me before?!”


( Aged 4 )

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